Basement Waterproofing & Bilco Installations

SJ Waterproofing in South Jersey works to prevent basement floods by waterproofing your home.
Basement Waterproofing & Structural Repairs
The Problem
You know you need your basement waterproofed when you see these signs.
• Water infiltrates or floods your basement during periods of rain and snow melt.
• Cracks have developed in your foundation walls or stairs.
• The basement walls are showing signs of bulges in toward the basement.
• The basement floor is lifting or dropping.
The Causes
The biggest reasons for the problems above are:
• Hydrostatic pressure, that is, the force exerted on the foundation of your house by water that soaks into the ground surrounding it as a result of storm water runoff and snow melt.
• Foundation walls that have been damaged by the force of tree roots or soil movement underground.
• Non-existent or inadequate drainage, down spouting or exterior landscape grading.
The Benefits
The biggest benefits to waterproofing your basement are as follows:
• An Increase to the Value of Your Home.
• Increased Living Space for Your Family to Enjoy.
• Elimination of Some of the Respiratory Problems Caused By Mold, Mildew and Fungus That Often Result from Wet Basements.
• Peace of Mind in Knowing that the Foundation of Your Home is Safe and Sound.
Bilco Door Repairs & Installation
Whether your existing Bilco door is in need of repair or maintenance, needs to be replaced or you are looking to add a method of egress (outside entranceway) for your basement, SJ Waterproofing is qualified to handle your project.

As an authorized installer of Bilco doors combined with our expertise in foundations, you do not need to look any further. We will handle the project from start to finish, including but not limited to local township requirements and the permit process to the new foundation installation, the Bilco door, steps and an exterior door from the basement to the Bilco Door area. Our experience includes both poured concrete and cinder block foundations, and several types of stairs (ie Concrete steps, pre-fabricated steps, etc.).